Friday, December 18, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Naskigtago de Zamenhof ( The Birthday of Dr. LL zamenhof

Hodiau Mi estas tre feliche Cxar naskigtago Dr. LL Zamenhof . So nia Klubo Membraro iris al Swoyambhu Budhisto templo. Trinkis teon and reiri

Fartu bonej al esperantoj parolis en la mondo

Anill Ratna Tuladhar
Esperanto- Klubo de katmando
G.P.O. Box 9616
Tel: 00977-1-422 6189
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Naskigtago de Zamenhof ( The Birthday of Dr. LL zamenhof

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Regarding About Nepal ( Himalayan Kingdom ) Regardis pri Nepalo

I am sending you this mail on the behalf of Tika Travel & Tours was base in kathmandu, Nepal. I hope you all know about Nepal where you can breath naturally in the Mountain Areas . We are rich in High Himalaya because 08 Highest Mountain out of 10 is in Nepal.

Name of Himalays - Hight in Meter

01. Mount Sagarmatha(Mt. Everest) - 8,848m

02. Mount Kanchenjunga - 8,586m

03. Mount Lhotse - 8,516m

04 Mount. Makalu - 8,463m

05 Mount Cho Oyu - 8,201m

06 Mount Dhaulagiri - 8,167m

07 Mount Manaslu - 8,163m

08 Mount Annapurna - 8,091m

These are the Highest Peak where you can enjoy in Nepal . and we have white water Rafting in Nepal too just like

01 Trisuli River

02 Bhote Koshi

03 Kali Gandaki George River is the deepest george in the world and etc

we have Jungle adventure also avliable that you can enjoy in Chitwan National Park,
where you can see the Bengali Tiger, One horn Rihno, wild boar and many more animals
which was cover by 969 squre meter that was in western part of Nepal
Our company was established in 1989 was government Registred and tax payer of Nepal.
we are authorised Inbound and outbound tour operators and Domestic, and International Air ticket planner , also we organise tthe seminars too.
at lastly we, our company best Wishes to you all on the occasion of Merry Christmas and Happy new year for
coming future for the healthand best of luck for your new year for new business .

If anyone would like to know about full detailf about Nepal please send me mail .

E mail

With Best Regards
Anil Ratna Tuladhar
Tika Travel & Tours
G.P.O. Box 9616
kantipath, kathmandu
Tel: 00977-1-422 6189 422 5962
Fax : 00977-1-423 9157

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bonvenon al Esperanto-Klubo de Katmando

Saluton. Bonvenon al Nepalo. Mi estas Anil Ratna Tuladhar. Mi lernis Esepranton en 2009. Mi prezidas la Esperanto-Klubo de Katmando. Ni volas labori por la Esperanto-movado en Nepalo. Mi ankaux estas membro de Nepala Esperanto-Asocio.

Mi atendas viajn sugestojn.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kara geamikoj Saluton al cuij
Mia nomon anilo ratna tuladhar.
mi logas en la Ason Kathmando Nepalo.
Nun mi tre dek seo jaranta .
mi havas edzino kaj do infonaj unoa filo kaj dek do jaranta kai ses klasso studianto en la GEMS .
doa mia filino estas ses jaranata kaj tre klasso studianto en la GEMS .
mia oficejo nomon estas Tourism Business ( Tika Travel & Tours ) .
sed geamikoj havas tempo pardon vistos mia web sites kaj commento

Fortu Bone al geamikoj

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dear All my friend to all over the world,

This is my third publish post . please


This is anil ratna tuladhar from kathmandu, Nepal . I am a travel agencys base in kathmandu . I am invloved in this business since 18 years back. I have been travel all the way to europe just like Denmark Sweden Finland germany france belguim holland spain italy austria switzerland greece Japan

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Dear All Blogspoters

Hello This anil ratna tuladhra from kathmandu, Kathmandu is that capital of nepal
this is my first time so that i dor not very much i will write much in next time

anil ratna tuladhar
tika travel & tours
kantipath, kathmandu